Therapy with Ron. Tuesday Nov 4th. 2015.

Mmm hummm Its 3 videos

Its 3 screens yeah

So what happens tonight? You have your show up. It’s a piece of video?

Its 3 videos

3 screens

And each one is what? Part of this digital relationship? Yeah. Yeah well yeah its 3 stages

And I see a guy groping himself.

Yeah I couldn’t move the whole thing around so I don’t know whether he achieved his

groping or not.


So the first screen is, I, I, I have this program where I can record everything that happens on my computer screen. So for however long period of time. The first screen is my, our like text messages, its basically like a narrative with this person, text messages, photos, blah blah blah. I cut it down so that there’s nothing ummm really explicit or anything because I thought that was over stating it.

Yeah it’s a real person. Yep.

So was it with a real person?

It’s a real person. And have you met him?

Yes! Well the second screen is umm, video, like a video that I umm, shot from the webcam on my computer so it’s really dark. Umm in my studio. I, but, well like I filmed us having sex or whatever but the video is just after we had sex and it’s just the conversation that we’re having.

And the third screen is umm, a video of myself, and one of my professors Michel Auder who is umm one of like the pioneers of video art in New York or kind of in the world and he’s umm he’s 70 or something, and we have like a really good connection about our art, he, he makes sort of art from umm you know he used to film, hang out

with like Andy Warhol super stars and stuff and makes a lot of work from home movie footage stuff so we talk about when is it art and blah blah blah. So there’s a video of us watching the video that I’d taken in my studio and responding to it. So that’s the third one.

Mm humm

Umm he’s a filmmaker

Umm David



Yeah. Hahahaha

Yes but you didn’t want to tell me what it was.


So you actually know this fellow that you had this digital relationship with.

Who is he?

Give me a first name?

And what’s your relationship to David?

Umm well... huh... well met online as well and then he said something weird that I was like... ah he’s who I told you about last time when I came in. When I came in and I said oh I did something like weird.

Umm but ok so I’d just met him online but he’s... huh... ok... I don’t, I know everyone else is like “oh I wouldn’t hang out with people that sound insane or whatever. But the thing I find interesting about online is that, and this is not, I’m not saying that, well this is that way I want to build like a relationship or anything, but you find out really personal secretive things about people that they wouldn’t tell anyone else because its, like you like, you don’t know each other.

This is before you met him?

Before we met. And I said, I wrote to him and I said, oh look I can’t I can’t start something that’s just like completely about sex to start with, I can’t keep doing that.

So then well we, we just talked about filmmaking blah blah blah and he showed me some trailer’s for his work and then we spoke about art and all that stuff. But then when we met there was like a certain kind of energy and it was like that just ended up being what it was about.

Umm... So we don’t speak to each other anymore. I love how you edit things


I, I, I like how you do that

So is this a piece that you’re considering as part of a project for your thesis?

Umm... Actually I don’t think so. I think that, I mean, yeah everything’s like connected, but umm I think that this piece fairly well resolves a lot of the ideas that I’ve been working with lately. And its Almost like I kind of want to like, like I, like I want to wrap it up and then like start something else.

Mmm hum

Ah huh yeah yeah

The second part is post sex Mmm hum


Why’d you film the sex?

Do you film your sex?

Eh not really I think it was because I was...

Ok. So one final question

The first part of the presentation is the this this this the conversation that you’re having digitally


Is that legal?

Not really. No. Umm I’ve spoken to a lot of professors about it. That’s, that’s another, anyway whatever.

I’m not judging

Ah ok. Haha.

Well that plays into a lot of the, the meaning of the work as well. And I guess that I initially filmed it because... well I didn’t know what to expect. And I thought umm like we’d never slept together or anything before and we’d spoken so much about all this stuff so I’m interested in like oh it’s all like an idea and then what is the reality like which is really nothing like the idea. Umm so I guess I wanted to record to see and I kind of wanted to see what I was like in that situation as well umm and also I was trying to figure out I guess if I was doing it more like as an art thing?

If you were doing...?

Like, having this relationship more because of interests my art. Umm or, maybe I also felt like I wasn’t doing enough artwork so...

But it had nothing to do with the sex?

What do you mean?
the sexual experience itself, you, what you used was the discussion post.

Well that was after showing the whole video to my professor we had a discussion about it and that was more because umm well that was the most interesting part of it. And it’s a very strong contrast between like everything that you know... this fantasy of what everything is going to be and who these people are going to be and then it’s like oh, well, well my professor was saying like, it feels more real this part. You know so I, like I’m interested in like, performance and you know different types of performance so.

But again let me stop you for a second

Because you, because you, didn’t, you didn’t use the filming of

Did he know you were filming him?

Uh hum


That’s a very powerful word performance

Were you performing sexually or were you having sex? Oh both! Like I mean umm...

Were you performing because you knew you had the camera on?

That’s what I was trying to figure out umm... well this is, I mean, this is basically what the third video is, is this discussion and

Hahaha Umm....

Do you mean I could be an art student?

I mean the resolution would really be that you have it on a timer and you don’t know when it goes on or when it goes off

Yes but I was interested in... I don’t what it to be like, me naturally, you know I didn’t, that wasn’t my intention,

Well it’s part


Uh huh

Well ok, wait a second wait a second, that’s why I’m working with you. Then it’s you not naturally it’s you artificially

Well however I choose that word right

But if we talk about Bonnie being concerned about her health

Uh huh Uh huh Uh huh

Uh hmm

In a positive way,

is it positive health-wise

Personally, you know where I’m going?

Is it?

Ummm... That’s why I kinda feel like this project, I feel like it’s like, ok, I’ve gone to that point. I do feel like I’ve gotten a good artwork out of it. Now I think I can move on.

I’m not chastising you Bonnie, I’m asking you

No no.

It’s a serious issue
No no this is something I’ve been thinking about too


Uh hmmm

This is me, this is you saying I, I, I don’t know how to better phrase it so, I’m a receptacle and I’m observing myself in this relationship

As opposed to a real humanbeing engaging in a real act with another person.